Artist Shelley Blain Reimer was born in San Diego California.  Bainbridge Island Washington is primarily where she grew up beach combing, tree climbing, and swimming for the local swim teams. Shelley has been swimming competitively for almost 40 years and continues to train and compete at the National level with the Bainbridge Aquatic Masters swim team in Washington.

As a life long competitive swimmer, Shelley is driven and passionate about getting her artwork on swimwear for practice suits and technical racing suits. Shelley's experiences as a competitive athlete has taught her the value of practicing and racing in the 'right' swimsuit. When you race in the right suit, you know it!  As athletes, when we prepare for a practice, and especially for a race, we are suiting up, we are setting the stage to unleash all of our energy and preparation at the right moment in a practice or in our big race. It's mental, it's physical, and the right gear helps us feel prepared and confident to reach and surpass our goals.

Shelley believes that integrating fun and bright original artwork in our lives while at work, at play and in our sporting activities helps us feel positive and confident. She loves the idea of everyday items and especially these swimsuits, being created from original artwork and bringing joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces.
We hope you find joy in what you see here with Q Swimwear and that you find yourself smiling as you take a look at Shelley's collection.

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