FAQ Design

Do you allow any images on Design your Own?

We do not allow obscene or inappropriate images or words to be designed on our suits. Q Swimwear reserves the right to cancel any suit design we deem as inappropriate or obscene. 

What about copyrights?
Because you are designing the suit, you are responsible and accountable for the designs if they go to market. Q Swimwear is not liable in the case that you have designed a suit with images to which you do not hold the rights. You will be held accountable.


What size does my image need to be for a custom designed suit?

Your image needs to be 4000x4000 pixels in order to over the whole suit. The image must also be under 10MB.  

My custom suit does not fit, can I return it?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns or refunds on custom designed suits. Refunds will only be issued if factory defect can be found. For more information email

I don't see a slot for discounts or gift cards?

Unfortunately discount codes and gift cards are not eligible for design your own suits. 

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