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Q Swimwear Promise

The Q Swimwear Promise

Qswimwear is a brand created to inspire confidence with our customers by using premium fabrics and paying attention to the detail in the fit.

We are locally based in sunny Southern California where you'll find our swimwear up and down the coast. All of our suits are designed for swimmers who appreciate beautiful styles, high quality fabrics, and a comfortable fit that allows for flexible movement in the water.

As a local company we care about the communities we serve and invest in our neighborhoods and people to help these communities thrive. We believe that by helping people and contributing in our community, we are taking an important step towards a better world.

Our manufacturing facility is mostly operated by women, and we are proud of our heritage and the fact that we are an equal opportunity employer. Our team is fully committed to delivering the absolute best in swimwear products to our customers.

The letter "Q" in our name stands for Quality, Quickness, and the fun character Q in the 007 movies with all the cool gadgets.

Be Unique, Be You, Be Q!