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Dan Cadriel

Karla Schulze

Posted on January 15 2020

Dan Cadriel

Meet Dan Cadriel, a Triathlete. You've probably seen his pre and post-workout prints on our Insta feed. We just can't resist reposting his muscley workout pic! He's always rockin' the lastest Q Waterpolo Prints, and you can catch him swimming, running and biking all around Phoenix! We asked him a few questions to see how he stays fit over 50!

Current location? 

Phoenix, Arizona

How long have you been swimming? 

I swam my first 25 yards in a pool to train for my first triathlon after college in 1986.

What is a typical workout?  

For triathlon training, I usually swim 3-4 times a week. I can lose swim fitness quickly if I don’t swim all year. Fortunately, living here in Phoenix, we have a great supply of heated or cooled outdoor pools that are open all year long!

What is your greatest swimming achievement? 

It isn’t my longest swim ever but it is the most memorable! In 2000, I completed the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. The swim has you jump off a boat next to Alcatraz Island and swim the San Francisco Bay into shore.  It was epic!


What are you looking forward to this year in swimming? 

I am looking forward to many triathlons and swims but I probably already had my favorite swim workout of the year! On Sunday, January 12th, me and many triathletes and swimmers did the 100x100 swim. That was over 5.5 miles of swimming in 3 hours! It was a huge bucket list achievement for me and a blast!

How many Triathlons have you done, and how many do you typically do a year? 

Well over 150 triathlons for sure but probably more. All distances/lengths. I usually do 3-5 races a year depending on family/work/life!

What's your favorite Q print?  

I love them all! Right now, my favorite is the 2020 Tokyo print! 

You can follow Dan on Instagram @trimandan

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