John Gross

Alejandro Piña

Posted on January 29 2020

Meet John Gross, a San Deigo Masters Swimmer. Last year for his 50th he decided to swim 50 miles each month for a total of 1,059,000 yards in 2019!

Current location? 

San Diego, California

How long have you been swimming? 

25 years, started at the age of 25!


What is a typical workout? 

UCSD Masters Swimming, 4,000 meters of various intervals, strokes and pace work.

What is your greatest swimming achievement?  

I’ve enjoyed swim meets over the years, though my favorite was a personal goal this past year, turning 50 and swimming 50 miles each month for a total of 1,059,000 yards.


What are you looking forward to this year in swimming?  

Coming off knee surgery, I’m hoping to do some swim meets again this summer.

What's your favorite Q print?  
You have many cool designs. The artist series Swoop design is loud, which I like in a suit.


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  • Paul R: March 20, 2020

    Thanks John for being an inspiration. My 50th is later this year, and though 50 miles/month might be overly ambitious for me and my routine, yours has put into my mind the idea of setting an extra-impressive stretch goal to mark the milestone. Keep swimming everyone!

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