Q Swimwear is proud to announce our collaboration with Local San Diego Artist Jinny Zola.  

Jinny Zola was born in San Diego, CA. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Imaging from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.  Shortly after getting her degree, the fair skinned redhead left the Californian sun to experience her first winter in Strasbourg, France.  Although few understand why, she ended up staying there for 7 years, enjoying the seasons, and working as a commercial and fine art retoucher.  Now, back in San Diego with a new appreciation for warm weather. Jinny balances the long moments spent in front of the computer by enjoying the water, tirelessly training with her team in the pool.  Today, the artistic athlete is working on her short distance sprinting times, while on the lookout for her next competitive and transcendental goal.

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