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Design Your Own FAQ's

What type of images can I use on the design your own tool?
We do not allow obscene or inappropriate images or words to be designed on our suits. Q swimwear reserves the right to cancel any suit design we deem as inappropriate or obscene.

What about copyrights?
Because you are designing the suit, you are responsible and accountable for the designs if they go to market. Q swimwear is not liable in the case that you have designed a suit with images to which you do not hold the rights. You will be held accountable.

My custom suit does not fit, what can I do?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or refunds on custom-designed suits. Refunds will only be issued if a factory defect can be found. For more information email sales@qswimwear.com.

I do not see a slot for discounts or gift-cards?
Unfortunately, discount codes and gift cards are not eligible for design your own suits.

Do you have a minimum purchase condition?
We do not have minimums on custom-designed suits. However, if you are ordering for a team 5 or more, please contact teamsales@qswimwear.com as we offer discounts to teams.

Why does my logo appear with a white background?
Some image formats such as JPEG's come with a white background. If you desire transparency you will need a PNG file (with no background) of your logo.

What equipment is used in the printing process?
We use the latest in dye-sublimation technology. They are all set to use the same color calibration to guarantee quality and consistency when we print.

Will the final product be identical with the product on screen?
We have taken great care to ensure your final product is produced as you see it on the screen. However, there may be slight differences in color due to screen resolution, print differences, and RGB to CMYK conversion. We use a custom automated process that will take your design as you see it and convert it into the proper designs ready to print. Appearance of final product can also vary depending on the size of the suit. Each size changes not only in proportions but also in shape. Our system tries to keep everything in place but some variations may occur.

How do I upload an image?
Click on the layer section and then click on the [+] button. You can upload as many images or logos as you need.

I lost a design I was working on, can I recover it?
Unfortunately, we don’t save your progress until you have clicked on the save button on the preview screen. Try not to reload the page or use your browsers back button, instead use only the controls given at our webpage.

Why are there parts where I can only select a color instead of uploading an image?
Some parts are only colorable. This means that either they are too small to fit a design or they are made from a material that can't be printed on. There are some parts of my design that I don’t know how they translate to the final product. By allowing you to design each part in a 2d environment, the customization options are infinite. Try to experiment, and click “finish design” to see how your changes reflect on the final product, you can always go back and edit your design.