About Us

Q swimwear is driven by a combination of innovation, opportunity and resourcefulness that represents a new age in swimwear, focused on creativity and self expression. We embody a laid back, creative and effortless cool confidence representing the Southern California culture.

We challenge our industry and push the boundaries of what people believe is possible in swimsuit design. 

At Q swimwear we provide extremely high quality, outstanding performance and undeniable style, all at a reasonable, competitive price point. The same qualities that make our suits are reflected in our personality. We take our customer service very seriously and it’s important that our customers and partners always feel great when dealing with Q swimwear. Q Swimwear is based in the Greater San Diego area.

Q cares for every one that is involved in the process of creating all of the Q family products. From the designers, to our amazing seamstress, cutters, printers, packers and everyone that in one way or another is in contact to the final product. All this magic happens between Mexico and San Diego, and we are proud to be a very diversified company that has no political, religious or race issues. We know we are competing with huge factories overseas, but we are confident and certain that keeping our production in house will benefit our customers 100%. And as much as we care for our people, we care for our clients and partners and we make sure that they are always taken care of. Because when they become a client, they become part of the Q family and our number one priority.